August 13


"And His name will be called... Counselor" (Isaiah 9:6, NKJV).

The second in Isaiah's cluster of messianic titles is, "Counselor." This name embodies wisdom, experience, kindness, skill, and consideration. As the divine Counselor, Jesus embodies all these qualities.

Twenty-first century society, with its complexities and problems, has become dependent on professional counselors. Governments depend for advice on councils and cabinets composed of highly trained counselors. Educational institutions provide student counselors. The legal system makes available legal counselors, while society abounds with marriage counselors, family counselors, and various other counselors.

But the counselor par excellence is Jesus Christ. His credentials as a practicing counselor are impeccable. His "counsels... are faithfulness and truth" (Isaiah 25:1, NKJV). He is the only counselor who is capable of answering all our questions, solving all our problems, and giving reliable guidance in all things. With such a superb counselor and guide, we are assured of true success, daily victories, security, and hope for tomorrow. "We lose many precious blessings by failing to bring our needs and cares and sorrows to our Saviour. He is the wonderful Counselor. He looks upon His church with intense interest and with tender sympathy. He enters into the depths of our necessities... He sees the result of every action, and He asks us to trust patiently in His wisdom."--Signs of the Times, May 10, 1910.

My Prayer Today: Lord, You are the counselor par excellence. Help me to rely unquestioningly on Your unerring counsel. Amen.