August 15


"And His name will be called... Everlasting Father" (Isaiah 9:6, NKJV).

This fourth name in the cluster of messianic titles of Isaiah 9:6 identifies Jesus as the "Everlasting Father." Here, Father is used not in its common usage, but in a unique, figurative sense to emphasize the attributes of fatherhood.

Isaiah applies the title of Father to Jesus "because He is Father to all mankind in a special sense, being the Creator of men and of the world."--SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 4, p. 147. The word, Father, adequately expresses Jesus' love, compassion, and solicitude toward His children. The American Standard Version gives the Hebrew significance of this title as, "Father of Eternity." As one with His heavenly Father, Jesus is always available to administer His fatherly love and protective watch care toward His children.

Job spoke of himself as "a father to the poor" (Job 29:16, NKJV). Isaiah refers to Eliakim as "a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem" (Isaiah 22:21). A great leader who is benevolent, kind, and fatherly to his people is often loved and revered as a father. It is in this sense that Jesus is described as the true Messiah who would reign over His people forever in justice, benevolence, and kindness as a loving father.

These father-like qualities of Jesus make Him uniquely suited to be our loving Saviour, compassionate intercessor, and constant sustainer. We can rest fully assured of the unending love of Jesus, the "Everlasting Father." How beautiful to know that, "Jesus is not only our shepherd; He is our 'everlasting Father.' And He says, 'I know mine own, and mine own know Me' (John 10:14, 15, RV)."--Lift Him Up, p. 205.

My Prayer Today: Lord, I have nothing to fear because I am securely under the care of Christ, the "Everlasting Father." Amen.