September 18


"The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me... to preach the acceptable year of the Lord" (Luke 4:18, 19, NKJV).

With this sweeping announcement of "the acceptable year of the Lord," Jesus concluded the description of His messianic mission.

This announcement is reminiscent of the Jewish Jubilee year when slaves were freed, debts were canceled, and real estate was returned to the original owner (see Leviticus 25:10, 15, 24). On the first day of the Year of Jubilee, the priest proclaimed with the sound of the trumpet the blessings of the Jubilee (see verses 8-17). Employing this analogy, Jesus announced publicly the beginning of the gospel age. He was now anointed and empowered to proclaim the happy daybreak of the gospel age which He described as the "acceptable year of the Lord." In this new age of the gospel, the poor in spirit, the brokenhearted, and the captives of Satan are now assured that the Jubilee year of the promised Messiah has finally come. The acceptable year is indeed very good news to all who believe and receive Jesus as Lord.

Ellen G. White adds this dimension to the announcement of the Jubilee year: "This period [the acceptable year of the Lord] embraces age after age, extends from century to century, while probation shall last. God is waiting to hear the asking and knocking: watching to see humanity draw nigh unto Him, who alone can help us. He longs to forgive their sins, to receive them as His own. He will receive every contrite soul who comes to Him; for it was to do this work that God anointed His only-begotten Son."--Signs of the Times, January 14, 1897.

My Prayer Today: Lord, what a privilege to live in the floodlight of the gospel! May I practice and preach this message of hope. Amen.