December 15


"The Lord is our Judge, the Lord is our Lawgiver... He will save us" (Isaiah 33:22, NKJV).

Among the many titles Isaiah attributes to Christ is that of "Lawgiver" (Isaiah 33:22, NKJV). Christ is both the wonderful Saviour who saves from the penalty of the broken law as well as the wonderful Lawgiver. On Sinai He gave the law; on Calvary He vindicated it. Calvary and Sinai are compatible and inseparable. The giver of the law is Himself the Saviour of the transgressors of the law. Ellen G. White observes, "He it was who give direct words to Moses to be repeated to the people... He was equal with the Father in the creation of man, was commander, lawgiver, and guide to His ancient people."--That I May Know Him, p. 101.

During His earthly ministry, Jesus, the Lawgiver and Saviour, identified, clarified, magnified, and defended the law which He Himself had given. He was careful to ensure that God's law was correctly understood and properly observed. Responding to a tricky question posed by a so-called expert of the law, Jesus identified and summarized the law as love to God and love to man (see Matthew 22:37-40). The Sermon on the Mount is a fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy that Jesus would "magnify the law and make it honorable" (Isaiah 42:21, NKJV).

Underscoring the relationship between love and law, Christ urged His followers, "If ye love me, keep my commandments (John 14:15). Those who are in love with Christ as Saviour and Lord are never afraid of Him as Lawgiver. It is by loving Him as Saviour and Lawgiver that our salvation has meaning. "We are labourers together with God... He is the great worker as well as the lawgiver."--Testimonies to Southern Africa, p. 80.

My Prayer Today: Lord, because Jesus is both Saviour and Lawgiver, I pledge Him my love and loyalty. Amen.